Phase II ESA


Once a Phase 1 ESA identifies an environmental condition, a Phase II ESA should ideally be carried out to complete the verification of the presence of the contaminants, and the extent of the contamination. During a typical Phase II ESA, our team collects soil, surface water, and groundwater samples.  Additionally, ground water monitoring wells may require to be installed on the site.  All the samples collected by our scientists are analyzed by laboratories certified by the Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL) and strict internal quality control protocols. We only use certified laboratories with a proven track record for sample analysis.

Based on the results of a Phase II ESA, we advise on whether Phase III ESA work is required. Phase III actions like remediation or mitigation are carried out by us in accordance with guidelines issued by a regulatory authority. Clean-up criteria and techniques vary depending on regulatory parameters and site-specific conditions. 


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