Wastewater Treatment


At EcoVision, we understand industrial wastewater treatment challenges and structure innovative solutions for your business. We conduct assessments and feasibility studies for wastewater treatment. We offer cost effective solutions that incorporate a full range of the latest technologies, providing you with a complete influent-to-effluent management approach to wastewater treatment.

Water and wastewater treatment strategies can often be combined with operational modifications to reduce costs and improve quality. Whether it's biological treatment or liquid-solid separation, odor control or chemical treatments, EcoVision’s engineers provide a full range of services, including detailed design of treatment systems as well as environmental management.

Our clients in government, business and industries have used our wastewater services and benefited from it. Our major services include:

Waste audits
Contaminant assessments
Monitoring studies
Potable and process water treatment design and implementation
Wastewater treatment design
Collection system design and project management

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and let our engineers work out the best solution for your wastewater issues.



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