With increased recognition for the need for waste management services, this is now a key area of focus in our work with many of our public and private sector clients. EcoVision is abreast at all times of the many environmental and regulatory issues involved with the handling, containment, and disposal of solid and hazardous waste. We develop smart, viable solutions for our clients in the area of waste management  and our clients rely on us for our trusted, proven experience to help them develop solutions that’s right for them. 

EcoVision engineers work with local government bodies as well as private industries to cover the entire spectrum of waste management services, from strategic planning, design, clean ups and closure and post-closure monitoring and remediation of sites contaminated through use as a landfill and other waste disposal activities. Our engineers and consultants work alongside our clients in choosing the most cost-effective and environmentally sound method of disposal and/or treatment of the waste materials. We use the latest technologies to provide our clients with effective strategies and design for efficient and sustainable waste management systems.

 EcoVision's work in the field of waste management includes:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • Regulatory Compliance, Permitting, Approvals, and Environmental Audits
  • Recycling Feasibility Studies 
  • Recycling System Design 
  • Landfill Site Planning, Development and Design 
  • Design Drawings and Specifications 
  • Tendering and Construction Related Services
  • Stakeholder Consultation 
  • Surface Water Monitoring and Management
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Management
  • Landfill Operation Assessment 
  • Landfill Closure Planning, Monitoring and Remediation
  • Surgical Waste Disposal Systems Planning and Design
  • Waste Handling System Design 
  • Hazardous Waste Management 
  • Design of Waste to Energy Systems
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling 
  • Waste Management Systems Planning 
  • Refuse Collection System Planning 
  • Alternative Waste Treatment Technology


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