Operational Health & Safety (ONHS)

Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work. The most important resource we have is people and their safety and health is any company’s primary responsibility. Firms can do a better job protecting workers from hazards in all worksites.

Based on a variety of experiences, we are convinced that better management of worker safety and health protection will result in lower incidents of injury and illness, higher employee morale, higher productivity and improved product quality. No matter how small the worksite, companies can approach worker protection with systematic methods that will work for everyone involved. Top management, supervisors, and foreman all express the company’s attitude towards worker health and safety by the daily example they set. The success of your health and safety plan depends on the commitment of senior management.

At EcoVision, when developing a Health and Safety Program we work with the company’s senior management to help provide a goal, an objective and provide policies to guide you through your health and safety program. Your health and safety policy will be measurable, realistic, readily understood and when achieved, the company will be able to justify the time and effort that went into its creation.

Occupational Health and Safety services include:

• Development of Health and Safety Programs
• Internal Auditing
• Safety Training

EcoVision conducts comprehensive audits and hazard assessments, provides documentation, expertise and develops specifically tailored Health and Safety Programs required in todays humanitarian society. Our fully qualified staff have the highest standards and ensures that policy development and reviews are carried out in accordance with applicable regulatory bodies.

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