Organisations of all sizes can benefit from monitoring and controlling energy use, and conserving energy by putting in place an energy management strategy.  For an energy management strategy to be effective, it must be put in place throughout the business, starting with key decision makers and involving all employees. A successful energy management program combines an effective strategy with the right practical measures.

At EcoVision, we work with your business to help you make real energy savings. Our consultants work with your senior management convincing them that the energy management strategy that we create for your business will deliver real benefits. Most organisations can save 20 per cent on their energy bills by managing energy use and investing in cost-effective measures.

EcoVision engineers have a successful track record of working with a number of business sectors across Western Canada, including Power, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Infrastructure clients. We provide environmental consulting and engineering services to develop sustainable solutions related including energy management solutions, efficient power transmission and an efficient energy infrastructure geared to optimise consumption according to the energy requirements of your business.  

At EcoVision, our energy management practice includes: 

  • Energy audits
  • Detailed energy efficiency reports, reviews and recommendations
  • Greenhouse gas emission monitoring and managing strategy
  • Mapping renewable energy resource prospects for your business and its evaluation
  • Analysis of alternative energy options 
  • Renewable energy system design and review    
  • Project management
  • Operations/maintenance and monitoring

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