At EcoVision, our engineers operate within talent pools which provides them an excellent opportunity to work with a variety of clients and projects. Training and technical coaching is an integral part of team life at EcoVision. At the beginning of a project, team members meet to discuss their individual development goals and how the rest of the team can help them. The team then looks for opportunities for everyone to work on their goals.


Feedback is at the core of our culture as a learning organisation. If you’re doing something well, you’ll be recognized for it. When you’re having trouble, we will work with you to identify areas where you can improve. The primary aim of our feedback program is to help you learn, grow, and succeed. Regular feedback is the key, and our consultants, engineers, project managers and principals all view it as the key to a sustained growth path.



You will have a performance review at the completion of each project, as well as two overall performance reviews annually. These performance reviews are 360 degree, taking into account feedback from peers, reportees, colleagues, mentors and seniors.

Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are decided through consultations with you and you will have already agreed to them. The performance reviews are based solely on how well you are doing against this pre-defined set of KPIs.


How you are evaluated

You are evaluated on areas that are important to the growth of EcoVision as an organisation as well as your own individual growth, both of which go hand in hand. You are evaluated on  leadership, client leadership, client service, people leadership, entrepreneurial approach, problem solving abilities and adherence to our core values. This is how we determine your readiness to progress and the next best steps for your career. EcoVision is strategically placed in an industry that is fast paced and growing quickly. We believe that you will find EcoVision an exciting home to be in and if you are the right person, we can provide you ample opportunities for a mercurial growth path.


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