Health and Safety

All our employees commence health and safety training right from the induction stage, when they join our organisation. We believe in ensuring that every employee keeps himself or herself updated on health and safety practices. We also ensure that a full health and safety check and briefing session is carried out at the beginning of every workday on the client’s site. We operate weekly quality circles within the organisation with the objective of continuous quality improvement of our operational processes and practices. We always ensure that health and safety remains a paramount consideration for us when designing our processes. We believe that we can manage risk through a proactive approach to health and safety and quality practices.

We are appropriately insured to ensure peace of mind for our clients during operations. We carry professional liability, errors and omissions, and general liability insurance on a project basis. We provide Workman’s Compensation for all our personnel.  Our strict adherance to health and safety procedures for our consultants ensures that smooth execution is the cornerstone of our projects.

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Quinolones They are also known as fluoroquinolones. They’re bactericidal, synthetic, and antibacterial meds with a broad-spectrum action. Patients use these antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections when other alternatives are inefficient: bacterial prostatitis, hospital-acquired pneumonia, and plaque. Some of the most common meds in this group include Levaquin, Cipro, and Avelox. Sulfonamides Sulfonamides are effective against many gram-negative and some gram-positive bacteria. However, resistance to them is common. Doctors often prescribe these antibiotics to treat and prevent pneumocystis pneumonia, urinary tract infections, or ear infections. The most popular ones include Bactrim, sulfisoxazole, and Azulfidine.